Aadhaar’s ambit to expand from birth to death

The world’s largest biometric identity database, which has enrolled nearly all of India’s adult population since its launch in 2010, is now looking to expand the ambit of Aadhaar to cover a person’s entire lifecycle from birth to death.

New-born infants will soon receive a temporary Aadhaar number to be renewed with biometric data on attainment of majority as the Unique Identification Authority of India ( UIDAI) prepares to launch two ambitious pilot programmes aimed at plugging misuse and deepening its reach countrywide.

UIDAI will also integrate its data with death registration records to prevent misappropriation of government benefits by using Aadhaar numbers of deceased citizens

Aadhaar number for Children

Since launch, Aadhaar numbers have been provided to most Indian adults with coverage in the 5-18 year age group estimated at 93% but only a quarter of the country’s infants below five years are registered with the identity database.

The provision to allocate provisional Aadhaar numbers for new-born kids existed since its inception, but the plan is being implemented now.

Tracking the deceased

In addition to cross-verifying data with city and state birth registration databases, UIDAI also plans to approach public and private hospitals for data on the deceased to ensure there is no duplication and government benefits and schemes are not misused.

Source: Economics Times

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